ENA Tower Testing Station takes an integrated attitude towards the corporate sustainability management with regards to its social, environmental, and economic aspects for a sustainable future.

In line with this approach, the Company sees the issues involving the environment, social responsibility, business ethics, occupational health and safety, corporate governance, and quality as vital to sustainability. The principles stated in the United Nations Global Compact provide the overall framework for ENA’s sustainability attitude. The Company is engaged actively in the corporate social responsibility projects and sponsorships supporting education, culture, and art and promoting innovation every year.

ENA extends its responsibilities on sustainability issues towards all interested parties, not just to the people and operations at its facilities. Thus, efforts are aimed for deploying and maintaining sustainability activities, such as environmental management, business ethics and anti-corruption rules, corporate governance practices, and social responsibility, when dealing with suppliers and other third parties to ensure that they are involved in achieving the same aims.

The top management reviews the progress in sustainability with an eye on further developing it.