Mechanical Test Laboratory

In the Mechanical Testing Laboratory within the ENA Tower Testing Station, the controls and tests of devices used, especially the tensile test, are carried out.

Test methods for Tensile Test;

  • TS EN ISO 6892-1 - Metallic Materials - Tensile Testing - Part 1: Method of Test at Room Temperature
  • ASTM E370 - Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products

The tensile test allows to determine whether the expected performance from the material is met according to the foreseen standard requirement or customer demand.

Metal parts prepared by processing in the dimensions determined by the standard are tested by Servo-Hydraulic Universal Tensile Test Device with 600 kN capacity. The sample placed between two fixed and movable jaws is subjected to a tensile force up to the breaking point with a specified tensile speed. In the meantime, the yield strength, tensile strength and elongation amount are automatically calculated and determined on the graph displayed on the computer connected to the device.

The verifications of equipment such as load cells and torque tools used in the loading test are also performed in the Mechanical Test Laboratory.