Our Facility

At ENA Tower Testing Station, towers of any type and material such as lattice and polygons with a maximum leg span of up to 24 m x 24 m can be tested.

The maximum tower height and crossarm width which can be tested are 80 m and 40 m respectively. It is also possible to slightly increase these values with certain engineering approaches.

The maximum base moment that can be applied to the universal base within the facility is 25,000 tm and the maximum compressive/tensile force that can be applied per foot is 600 tons.

Loads are applied with servo hydraulic actuators through a fully automated SCADA and PLC control system. Pulley and cable guidance of longitudinal and transverse loads is made by steel towers with heights of 85 m.

There is also a tower crane with a 20-ton lifting capacity, 98 m hook height and 80 m boom length. It is possible to apply loads to the towers tested at the center from 44 different points, with a maximum of 35 tons at each point. The application speed, holding and unloading times of the loads are controlled by the electronic control system. The applied loads are measured and adjusted with developed sensors within the SCADA system.

All tests are monitored and recorded by the high-resolution camera system.

ENA Tower Testing Station prioritizes customer satisfaction and reliability by providing service with high technology testing station and laboratory equipment.

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